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Easy Excel Dashboards, Models, Visualizations & Power Query

Easy Excel Dashboards, Models, Visualizations & Power Query

Build Professional Dashboards with No Formulas. Rapid Step by Step Beginner to Advanced. Get & Transform Data with Ease

R Shiny Flex Dashboard and Interactive Data Visualization

R Shiny Flex Dashboard and Interactive Data Visualization

The fastest easiest way to build R Shiny Dashboard apps for R data analysis. Half the code of traditional Shiny. No HTML or Javascript Required.

R Tidyverse Reporting and Analytics for Excel Users

R Tidyverse Reporting and Analytics for Excel Users

From Excel To Big Data and Interactive Dashboard Visualizations in 5 Hours. The fastest way to learn modern R for data analyst.

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Learning a new skill can be hard to start with. The easy things can be hard and unfamiliar. This initial hurdle can often take a disproportionate amount of time and sadly many people never break through to success which can often be just a few steps away.

When I first learnt R programming I had a good friend guide me through. I got to explain what I wanted to achieve and how I would have done it in Excel or SQL. He then showed me how to solve my problems and how I had to think differently to be effective at using R. He showed me the difference between the latest and legacy standards, so I wouldn’t get confused by consuming old information from Google and Stack overflow.

My friend saved me hundreds of hours. Without him I don’t think I would be where I am today because I would have struggled to overcome the hurdle the precedes becoming productive with a tool.

If you’d like me to act as your one on one guide I have limited capacity to work with a handful of individuals.

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Other Recommended Training

For advanced data practitioners

If you haven’t yet checkout my Udemy courses, I highly recommend checking them out here. These courses have helped over 15,000 data professionals quickly learn the most commonly required skills. All for less than the cost of a takeaway dinner.

If you’re looking to go beyond the training I have available at Udemy I highly recommend my students check out the our partner training from Business Science University

The training continues on nicely from where my Udemy Training leaves off.

While there are many data science courses on the market today, very few of them will provide you with full end to end solutions, based on realistic business use cases, using the latest and most productive libraries and tools.

The projects at Business Science University make a great starting point for projects because they cover practical end to end solutions that include everything from EDA, Visualization, Machine Learning and Production Application hosted in a Docker Container running on AWS. All complete with source code and detailed explanations to get your head around it all.

Each of these comprehensive solutions are worth tens of thousands of dollars so provides extremely good value for money.

Jonathan Ng

Jonathan Ng

Consultant, Best Selling Instructor


Jonathan helps chief executives and their data science teams develop data strategy to produce more profitable and predictable data science projects.

His experience in business and technology allows him to design practical solutions that are more likely to fulfill the business needs.

He is a best selling instructor who has trained over 15,000 students and has worked with companies including HSBC, Morgan Stanley and leading tech startups on their data projects.

He has extensive experience of what real world data problems actually look like as well as a deep understanding of how machine learning models actually work.